Travel ˈjərnē Book Club Circle | Ambassador Program

Are you a book club leader or avid reader? Apply for our ambassador program!

What is a Travel ˈjərnē Book Club Circle?

Travel ˈjərnē Book Club Circle is our new ambassador program for engaged book club leaders and readers. We send our Circle an advanced reader copy of an upcoming title along with up to three self-care products every month for $29.99, and in return, they provide us with feedback: What did they think? Is the book the right fit for their clubs? Will they tell their friends about it? Ambassadors receive 8% commission for every referral order. We also offer exclusives like discounts, sweepstakes, and swag!

Who Can Be a Self-Care Book Club Circle Member?

We are searching for book club leaders who run at least one club, or participate in at least two clubs, consisting of four or more members.

We would also love to know if your group has specific interests! Let us know if your club is dedicated to reading books within a certain genre or theme. (For example, if your group is dedicated to reading books written by Black Authors, etc.)

Please note: This program is only open to US residents, 18 years and older.