Welcome to Travel Jərnē

Over the course of the next couple of months, I look forward to sharing aspects of my remote work journey that led me to establish Travel Jərnē as a conduit between bridging my passion for travel with developing and maintaining communities. In the interim, let's start with an overview...

About The Jərnē

Travel Jərnē
Every journey starts with you

Travel Jernē is a multi-platform lifestyle accessory and monthly subscription box brand where a portion of the proceeds go to local organizations who advocate for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ voices around the world. This month's featured organization is Chicago based, Equality Should Be Normal Inc.

Travel Jernē was created to help the growing remote workforce prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy relationship with oneself every step of the journey. Whether partnering with featured artists or vividly detailing lessons exchanged, the travel and jərnē sections are dedicated to the phenomenal global citizens that have made the journey possible. This month's featured artist is, Ocher.

Carefully curating a Black-owned, travel friendly product experience with makers who have roots across the Diaspora has allowed us to connect our community with purpose-driven businesses.

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